Two weeks ago we explored a few tips for helping divorced parents co-parent more effectively with the other parent. Today we’ll continue our series on tips for divorcing parents.

As we discussed in Part 1, it is important to keep the other parent in the loop regarding the children’s activities.    When the kids are of school age, this can be accomplished by keeping them updated on the children’s academic and school activities.  If the child is very young, they many not yet be in school or doing other activities but they will still be meeting milestones such as taking their first steps. 

In the case described above, parents can take photos with their smartphones or cameras and either email to the other parent or upload to a photo site such as flickr or smugmug.  This way both parents get to be involved in seeing their child grow and progress.

As we approach Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, parents often help their child select a gift for the other parent.   Today’s digital photo frames have Wi-Fi capability that will automatically connect to flickr, smugmug, or other digital photo accounts.   Your former spouse can enjoy the photos you’ve taken on their digital frame without having to upload the photos themselves. 

 We encourage you to be careful as to what photos you upload to a shared photo site.

  • Maintain the account as private rather than public including only the child’s other parent and family.
  • Keep the children as the focus of the photos.  This is especially true if your relationship with your former spouse was either physically or mentally abusive. In that case you should not post any photos of yourself with the child.
  • If you are in a new relationship, ensure that your boyfriend or girlfriend does not appear in the photos unless your former spouse is ok with the new relationship. 
  • If you are undergoing a modification of child support, you may want to be careful about what appears in the background of your photos.  If you are crying poverty and there is a new big screen TV in the background or the photos are taken at a beach in the Caribbean, you can be certain they will appear during your modification trial. 
  • Great locations for photos:

o   A park or any place outside in your city. Parks are free and rarely do they connote any change in financial circumstances.

o   School or Daycare.

o   Sports activities.

o   Close ups where the background cannot be discerned.


We hope that these tips help you to foster your child’s relationship with the child’s other parent.  Regardless of you and your former spouses’ history, your children need both parents.

The following products and websites are not endorsed by Torriente Marum, LLC but are provided here as a list for the benefit of our clients and blog readers:


  • Photo Sharing Websites

o   Smugmug

o   Flickr

o   Picassa

  • Digital Frames

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o   Pandigital Photo Frame from Wal-Mart

o   Kodak Pulse Digital frame from Amazon. Connects to Facebook and Kodak Pulse. 

AuthorAdriana Torriente