A weekly roundup of silly, interesting or shocking things from around the web related to families and family law.


  • I really mean it when I tell my clients they cannot get a do over on a signed settlement agreement.  And this guy wanted a doozie of a do-over.  Can't say I blame him.   (Wall Street Journal)
  • Do you wait to send a friend or family member a wedding gift until the month before their first anniversary because you don’t believe the marriage will last that long?  Now a website allows you to get a refund on your gift if that marriage doesn’t last.   Pay  8% of the cost of the gift (must be under $500) to  WeddingGiftRefund.com along with a receipt within a week of the wedding and if the not-so-happy couple divorces in three  years, you’ll get a refund.   (New York Times)
  • Going through a divorce is tough.  Sometimes you need a little help afterwards.  (Business Week)
  • Friendships matter even more after divorce.  How do you make them flourish?  (Huffington Post)
  • If you own your own business, think about becoming Batman. Er…uh…What?  Oh, you should get a pre-nup.  (Reuters via FindLaw)


AuthorAdriana Torriente