Today we are linking to a post from Jacksonville Mom's Blog.   We don't often re-post content from other sites but today's post is an exception. It is a theme we see over and over again in family law litigation.  One parent thinks their way is better.  And if the other parent does not do it that way then the children will suffer, be permanently damaged, turn into purple polka dotted people eaters, etc.  

The blog post is titled Doing It Dad's Way and is written by Kathy, a friend and classmate of mine from my days at Georgia Tech. 

When you feel like your child's other parent is doing something "wrong" try to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is his or her behavior dangerous where the child's safety is at risk?  For example, a parent of a two year old refuses to place the child in an appropriate safety car seat.
  • Will the behavior impact the child's moral well-being? For example, a parent who allows a thirteen year old daughter have her boyfriend spend the night.

Micromanaging the other parent can lead that parent to interact less with the child and make the micromanaged parent disregard all advice from the other parent.  Neither of which are good for the child. 

AuthorAdriana Torriente