One of the most emailed articles on the New York Times website yesterday morning was an opinion written by Susan Jacoby.  The title of the opinion was “Taking Responsibility for Death”. In the article, Ms. Jacoby tells us about her mother’s last few months and how she had drawn up Advanced Health Care Directives years before she became ill.  She didn’t want her children to make the decision so she made it for them.

Ms. Jacoby also cites several facts from a 2006 Pew Research Study:

  • Only 70% of married people have discussed end of life treatment.
  • 40% of older adults  have told their children their wishes for end of life treatment


Have you had end of life discussions with your spouse?  If you are single or widowed, have you discussed the decisions with your children or other close family members?   Do you have an Advanced Health Care Directive?  If your answer to any of those is no, we hope that you will contact us at Torriente Marum, LLC.  Let us help you address these issues in your Advanced Health Care Directive.

AuthorAdriana Torriente