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This page is a private page for our clients.  Please bookmark this page and reference it as you find necessary.

Clio- Our Case Management System

Standing Orders

Your Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit



We use Clio as our case management tool.  In addition to sharing invoices with our clients, we use Clio to share documents and tasks with our clients.  To log in to Clio, go to   When we share a document or an invoice with you for the first time, you will get an email inviting you to join Clio. 

Please update your timezone in settings so that you have accurate times for meetings and court hearings.  Click on Settings (Gear image) on the top right hand part of your screen. 

You are welcome to upload documents to Clio.  For example, during the discovery process you may be asked to produce your bank statements.  If you feel comfortable, please upload those to Clio rather than attaching to an email.  

Please make a habit of checking Clio regularly since we will be sharing important information with you using this technology.

Standing Orders

Each county has its own standing order. This order is entered in every new domestic case (divorce, custody modifications, child support modifications, legitimation, etc).  The standing order in your case will be shared with you once the case is filed.  Please carefully review the standing order.  Most standing orders have a provision limiting your ability to travel with your child outside the state.  If you are planning an out of town trip in the coming weeks, please speak to your attorney immediately.  The standing order also limits what you can do with your real and personal property. Most orders will not allow you to sell your property.  For example, liquidating your 401(k) duringyour divorce.  If you are considering selling property in the coming weeks, please contact your attorney. 

Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit

The Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit is probably one of the most important documents in your domestic case.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to complete this affidavit accurately.  Please review the following information before completing your affidavit.

The Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit: What is it?